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Larry's Newsletter - Issue #6

Hello readers! Welcome to this week's special abbreviated halfway-through-Scaling-Bitcoin edition. We

Larry Salibra

December 7 · Issue #6 · View online
The most interesting things I've seen in blockchain, tech, and our decentralizing world as seen from the world's border with China.

Hello readers! Welcome to this week’s special abbreviated halfway-through-Scaling-Bitcoin edition. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled newsletter next week!

Scaling Bitcoin
Scaling Bitcoin Workshops Phase II is in full force here in Hong Kong. Over 200 of the top technical and business people in Bitcoin have come to meet to discuss different approaches to helping Bitcoin grow to meet current and future demands.
One of the striking things about this conference is the number of people I’ve met who were involved in the early commercialization of the Internet two decades ago. They tell stories of similar meetings they once had to discuss how to scale Internet infrastructure to meet growing demand and how the feeling and vibe was much the same as Bitcoin is today.
Hong Kong was chosen as a convenient location for China-based miners to easily attend in the hope that getting everyone together in one place and mingling would help to bridge some of the us vs. them mutual distrust that so easily arises from linguistic and cultural differences.
China Challenges
One of the challenges of organizing this conference was how to do it in a way that people who couldn’t make the trip to Hong Kong could still participate and feel included.  This was complicated by the language barriers and the Great Firewall. 
Most of the normal tools we use to include remote participants - particularly Youtube, Google Hangouts, Periscope, and Twitter - are blocked in China, so had to find substitutes for this. The most challenging was a streaming video solution. 
The China market leader, a YouTube clone called Youku, required a complicated (and likely expensive) business relationship before we could stream video. There are a few other paid providers that required similar arrangements. In the end, we found a Persicope-like service called YY that we could use to live stream.
Below is a cool picture showing how China’s unique One Country, Two Systems physically manifests itself in a conference about permissionless, borderless Bitcoin. The phone on the right streams to YY in Mainland China while the phone on the left streams to Youtube for the rest of the world.
Crypto & Security
U.S. states probe VTech hack, experts warn of more attacks
Signal, a Dead-Easy Phone Crypto App, Comes to the Desktop
More Bitcoin
BitMEX aims to be the Goldman Sachs of Bitcoin
Scaling Photos
Some of the amazing team of volunteers helping us out today at the conference. (Image below)
Quick photo at 7am before all of the attendees arrived with Pindar Wong and Leo Weese who both worked so tirelessly to make Scaling Bitcoin in Hong Kong a success. (Image below)
Talk to you next week!
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