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Larry's Newsletter - Issue #23

Long time no see faithful subscribers! Happy Chinese New Year! Since we last talked, a lot has happen

Larry Salibra

February 15 · Issue #23 · View online
The most interesting things I've seen in blockchain, tech, and our decentralizing world as seen from the world's border with China.

Long time no see faithful subscribers! Happy Chinese New Year!
Since we last talked, a lot has happened. I joined Blockstack full time and the past year we reached a lot of milestones. We shipped a developer preview of our platform for decentralized apps, raised a series A, completed a $50 million token sale and saw the first batches of apps ship on Blockstack. Lots more coming up this year…stay tuned!

My Blog Posts
😎 A Guide to Slack Identity Theft - I show you how a security bug Slack doesn’t plan to fix let’s impersonate your colleagues. Nonsense like this is exactly what motivates us to build a new ecosystem of decentralized apps where users own their own identities and aren’t subject to the whims of 3rd parties like Slack.
👛 Building an Ethereum wallet on Blockstack with only a few lines of code - Blockstack gives every app easy to use cryptography. This post goes along with talk I gave the the Ethereum Classic Summit. Watch here
The past year has been quite the rollercoaster across the crypto space. What’s up is down and down is now up. Despite whatever people tell you, no one knows how things will play out. One thing the past year has shown us is the power of tokens incentives to create action. Here’s my current thinking on tokens in response to a “why not bitcoin/lightning for everything” tweet:

Max Fang
If you're trying to build say decentralized VPN or computation, once you've built the part of the app that handles the VPN/computation part why go through all the extra work of bootstrapping a network? Why not have Lightning/Bitcoin handle the protocol work for you
3:48 AM - 14 Feb 2018
Larry Salibra
@MaxFangX How do I build a decentralized VPN with bitcoin and pay my bills? If the system is decentralized anyone can use it and I can’t force them to pay me a fee for using it. If I can force them to pay me a fee to use it, that means I can deny access & it’s not decentralized.
7:20 PM - 14 Feb 2018
Larry Salibra
@MaxFangX Utility tokens solve the problem of incentives & people organization:

How do you create incentives so that decentralized apps & infrastructure get built?

How do you create incentives so that users will use dapps in the face of strong network effects of centralized competitors?
10:11 PM - 14 Feb 2018
Larry Salibra
@MaxFangX Bitcoin is a perfect example of the power of token incentives:

Developers work on bitcoin because they have financial or other incentives to do so.

Users promote bitcoin because they have an incentive to do so: they hope the bitcoins they own will go to the moon 🚀🌛
10:13 PM - 14 Feb 2018
I’m in Europe through March 5th for the Blockstack Berlin event where Edward Snowden and Nick Szabo will be speaking. We’ve got a hackathon, learning sessions and more.  Hope to see you!  
Wishing you good health and prosperity in the year of the dog!
Until next time! 
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