Larry's Newsletter - Issue #19

Lots happened in the past two weeks. In case you missed it, there's a new blockstack resolver for you

Larry Salibra

April 11 · Issue #19 · View online
The most interesting things I've seen in blockchain, tech, and our decentralizing world as seen from the world's border with China.

Lots happened in the past two weeks. In case you missed it, there’s a new blockstack resolver for you to play with after working through some bugs with the community. Nametiles is finally updated to resolve blockstack names registered in the Bitcoin blockchain. Let’s get started!

My Blog
Live Photos on the Web
Blockchain 📦🔗
Bitcoin and the Rise of the Cypherpunks - CoinDesk
How a Cashless Society Could Embolden Big Brother
Great introduction to a key property of blockchains. 
They also let you pay publishers Bitcoin. Brave makes you do AML/KYC before you can withdraw funds. Seems like a design flaw.
Bitcoin is not anonymous. It is the most transparent money to ever exist. 
If the trend of using the financial system as a tool for enforcement of law and cultural norms continues, the ranks of the “underserved” are sure to grow.
Lots of companies coming and going in this space.
Privacy/Security 🔒
WhatsApp now has end-to-end encryption
Turkish Citizenship Database Leaked
Maryland court: phone location info is private
Upcoming Events
April 13, 2016 - DBS is hosting a panel called Blockchain: Unchained. Banks are trying to figure out blockchain. We’re trying to help.
April 16, 2016 - Cross Border Summit: I’ll be speaking on a panel at this event in Shenzhen about my experience running Pay4Bugs and dealing with cross border payments.
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